March 15, 2012
Hospitals Improve Patient Care with New Medication System
WEST VOLUSIA – Florida Hospital DeLand recently implemented a new, safer and more accurate process for administering medication to patients, Florida Hospital Fish Memorial will implement mPPID on March 20. Medication Positive Patient Identification (mPPID), also called Closed Loop Medication Administration, utilizes the latest technology to ensure the proper dosage of medication is administered to the intended patient during a stay in the hospital.

With mPPID, nurses use computers in patient rooms to scan the bar codes on patients' wristbands and bar codes on individual medication doses ordered by physicians.

After a nurse logs into a patient's electronic medical record, the bar code on the patient's wristband tells the nurse who the patient is and if there is an order for that medication. If the medication ordered on a scanned patient is not a perfect match, the clinician is notified immediately. This is all done before the medication is administered, thus ensuring patient safety.

“Medication Positive Patient Identification is one of many systems we've adopted to strengthen the quality of our patient care. It serves as a second line of protection to assure absolute accuracy in the delivery of medication,” said Jennifer Shull, Florida Hospital Fish Memorial Chief Nursing Officer. 

This interactive, mobile and immediate method of verifying medication and dosage is an improvement over the traditional process. Historically, the medication administration process would include checking a paper-based record-keeping system at a centralized nursing station, transcribing information by hand, comparing this against the patient chart, visually checking the wristband to confirm patient identity and transcribing patient information back to the paper-based record keeping system.

“The new system allows nurses to spend more time at the bedside, improves productivity and efficiency, reduces medical costs, and most importantly improves patient safety,” said Elisha Voigt, Florida Hospital DeLand Director of Inpatient Nursing.

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