May 09, 2011
Florida Hospitals Achieve High Marks in Implementation of Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)

Florida Hospital DeLand and Florida Hospital Fish Memorial have achieved the highest score obtainable on the industry-standard, nationally-recognized CPOE assessment tool, Leapfrog CPOE Evaluation Tool. Additionally, the two hospitals are now certified Leapfrog facilities, which allows patients to visit to compare other Leapfrog certified facilities and the measures implemented to provide safer patient care. 

All five Florida Hospitals in Volusia and Flagler counties launched a computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system, an electronic prescribing system for all inpatients designed to drastically reduce medical errors and speed up patient care, in the fall of 2010. Published studies report that CPOE reduces medication errors in the hospital between 81 to 86 percent and accounts for a 55 percent reduction in adverse drug events that cause harm or death to patients. 

Leapfrog’s CPOE Evaluation Tool was developed by First Consulting Group and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, and provides hospitals with an assessment of their CPOE alerts for common, but serious, prescribing errors. The evaluation tool requires hospitals to download a series of simulated patients and medication orders, and to input those patient/medication combinations into the hospital’s CPOE system. Hospitals then submit a report on the alerts received during the order-entry stage. The reported alerts are compared against the expected alerts identified by a national research and development panel.  A hospital’s score on the tool is the percentage of correct alerts they received in the specific categories. 


About Leapfrog

The Leapfrog Group is a voluntary program aimed at mobilizing employer purchasing power to alert America’s health industry that big leaps in health care safety, quality and customer value will be recognized and rewarded. Among other initiatives, Leapfrog works with its employer members to encourage transparency and easy access to health care information as well as rewards for hospitals that have a proven record of high quality care. 

About Florida Hospital Volusia/Flagler

Florida Hospital Volusia/Flagler is a nonprofit hospital system with a mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ. With five hospitals in Volusia and Flagler counties, Florida Hospital is the largest hospital system in the area, with nearly 800 beds and 4,700 employees, and caring for nearly 650,000 patients every year. Florida Hospital Volusia/Flagler specializes in a wide range of health services for the entire family, including nationally recognized programs in cardiology, cancer, women’s medicine, neurology, diabetes, orthopaedics and rehabilitation.  In 2010, Florida Hospital Volusia/Flagler collectively contributed more than $107 million in benefits to the underprivileged, the community’s overall health and wellness and spiritual needs, and capital improvements.

Long known for caring for the sick and ailing, Florida Hospital Volusia/Flagler is committed to improving the health and well-being of our community through screenings, education and personal growth development. With that in mind, the hospital system created the Change Your Life Challenge designed to encourage residents to fight heart disease locally.  To learn more visit or call toll-free (866) 328-6417.


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