August 02, 2011
Florida Hospital DeLand’s Advanced PET-CT

Florida Hospital DeLand is now equipped with a PET-CT with highly-advanced capabilities, which include:


  • Optimized system design: The highest image-sensitivity in the industry, enabling detection of disease at an earlier stage, potentially lowering the dose requirements and providing faster patient exams
  • Motion Match: Phase-matched 4D PET and CT-fused images improve the quality of scans in areas prone to motion, which can blur results, such as in the lungs.
  • Patient-Friendly Design: This PET-CT features a comfortable bed for patients up to 500 lbs., limiting the effects of claustrophobia.  


“With this technology, the pinpoint accuracy of tumor detection is second to none in the market,” said Gary Graham, MD, Florida Hospital DeLand Radiation Oncologist. “The high-quality CT images, as well as the high-resolution of the PET, all in one machine, allows us to develop a radiation therapy plan with better patient outcomes.”




With a Positron Emission Tomography CT (PET-CT) scan, doctors can better determine whether a mass is malignant (cancerous) or benign (not cancerous). 


Prior to an exam, a mildly radioactive substance called a radiotracer is injected into the patient.  The PET-CT image helps distinguishes cancer from healthy tissue when there is an accumulation of the radiotracer in the cancerous tissue. Most radiotracers are glucose (sugar) based, and because cancerous cells and tumors absorb, accumulate and metabolize sugar faster than healthy tissue, they appear as bright spots on the scan.


“This, in addition to the hospital’s new IGRT equipment, is part of Florida Hospital DeLand Cancer Institute’s $5.2 million expansion project,” said Wesley Harden, Cancer Institute Director. “Together, these cancer-detecting and cancer-fighting tools are designed to enhance the services provided and treat a wider range of tumor sites.”


Residents can get a behind-the-scenes look at the hospital’s new Cancer Institute, and all of the advanced technology on Sunday, August 21 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  Come to 680 Peachwood Drive, DeLand, to talk with the experts and tour the facility. Attendees will enjoy a free lunch and can test their knowledge with some games. To RSVP, call toll-free (866) 328-6417.

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